Service Fee

II. Registration Fee


Generic Drug  : USD2,700

New Generic Drug : USD3,500

New Drug : USD6,000


B. Biological Product :

New Biological Products : USD10,000

Conventional Biological Product : USD8,000


C. Drug Raw Material : USD1,000


D. Traditional Drug: USD1,800


E. Narcotic :  USD1,000 or depend on the product and time frame requirement


F. Medical Devices  : USD2,500


G Cosmetics : USD750



H. Harzadous Substances : depend on request


I. Nutrition:

Food  : Depend on the formulation 

Food Supplement  : Depend on formulation

Food Raw Material : Depend on the materials


J. Verterinary : USD500-1,000 


 Licensing Holing Fee one time charge of USD1,500 per product and USD225  per product per month 

* Remark: 1. Time frame for normal drug is 2-3 year but with our service will likely save half of your time .
                 2. All above information and fee can be adjusted as per request

                 3. Others can be done upon request eg. Clinical Trial Submission, Company establishment reqistration , Market Survey, Sales, etc etc

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